Monday, September 30, 2013

Bronzer's, Blush's, and Highlighter's!!!

I am a huge bronzer and highlighter fan...blush not so much it usually depends on my mood and outfit! Why don't I like blush? Because I have naturally light pink cheeks...especially if it is warm outside my cheeks will get pink really fast and I wear foundation to hide that pink-ness! However, I use some of my bronzy highlighter-ish as a blush...I just don't like a more colorful blush...but again it depends on my mood lol!

Ok lets move onto my fav bronzer! I have only 1 because it is the perfect EVERYTHING for me and I refuse to find another one lol!
I believe that every bronzer, especially if you are contouring, should be matte!!!! And this matte shade from Make Up For Ever is PERFECT for my Ivory skin tone...I mean perfect!!! That is why I have never bothered to purchase any other bronzer! I probably will in the near future but this will forever be my fav!!!! I use a blending brush to contour with this bronzer and a mini kabuki brush if I really want to bronze up my face.
This mini kabuki brush from The Balm is my favorite...perfect size for your makeup bag and perfect for your cheeks!

This right here is a bronzing powder that I use instead of a blush every single day!!!! Im not kidding!!! I pretty much use my Make Up For Ever bronzer and this Victorias Secret (VS) bronzing powder every time I do my makeup! I contour with my bronzer and use this bronzing powder to blend from the apples of my cheeks to my ear! This color gives such a beautiful glow and looks amazing on my skin! It kind of looks like a highlighter and I'm sure for someone who has darker skin this can definitely be used as a highlighter!

As I mentioned I'm not a big blush gal but surprising enough I have more blush than bronzer...weird right?! Here are my favorites:

This is an eye shadow but I use it as a gorgeous peach blush...very subtle and cute matte blush color for any season!

 The Gold Deposit color I use on my cheeks to give it a orangey/bronzy glow...BEWARE: a little goes a long way! The Soft & Gentle is a highlighter to highlight lol...more under your eyes and mainly everywhere you highlight...thats what I use it for and sometimes for my cheeks if I have a matte color blush on and I want some shine! Next time I use this on my makeup I will post a picture so you guys can have an idea of what it looks like!

Here is a bronzer/blush palette I have from Estee Lauder:

Sometimes I like to use this palette...and I prefer the first 2 colors not the last one (the one on the right) I use the bronzy color to contour if I want a dramatic look because it is too dark for my face so I always have to build the color slowly and I like a little bit of "Nude Rose" blush on my cheeks when I want a subtle peachy/pink color!