Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ELF Palette Review

Hey guys, I purchased this ELF palette a month or so ago and I don't use it too often but I wanted a random palette with color variety since I mainly have shadows and palettes that are more neutral. For the price you pay the colors are very pigmented and easy to blend.  Surprisingly, I really really like the colors in this pallete and I have used the purple ones and the dark neutral ones a couple of times and I love it! 
This is the perfect vacation palleted!!!! You have your different shadows, your bronzer, your blush, and lipgloss! I don't like the eyeshadow cream at all it sucks and I haven't used the face shimmer...I did use the bronzer and blush just to test it out and they look good together but they are way too shimmery for me. Overall, I like the shadows and again for such a cheap price the quality is great! I would suggest this to anyone who is new to makeup and is still experimenting! 

Oh & I bought this from Urban Outfitters! I always end up leaving that store with makeup lol! 

And stay tuned for a Morphe Brushes Haul! :)

Enjoy beauties!

-Love Greta! Mwah!