Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Latest Purchases! Sephora + Nordstrom

To relieve my stress from finals and to prepare myself for the New Year I have been buying new products to make me happy lol! Yay me! So far I have been dying over my new goodies and am seriously shocked at myself for not getting them sooner!

Lets get started!

This is the Buxom Serial Kisser Set that came with these 5 adorable colors.
The colors all have a sheen/lustre to them so they are obviously not matte! However, heres a little trick to make any non-matte lipstick matte: All you need is a tissue & some translucent loose powder! You can do two thing:
1: You put a little bit of the powder on the tissue, distribute it evenly, and dap it on your lips! 
2: Place the tissue on your lips and with a brush dip into your loose powder and stipple the powder directly onto the tissue...the powder will go through the tissue onto your lips and make them matte!

Vwala you have matte lips! I tried this technique with these glosses and the colors were even prettier matte!

My favorite is "Centerfold" & "Mistress" I like to mix the two!
The one color I dislike & will probably never use is "Moonlighter" because it is shiny as you can kind of tell from my swatch & the color is not appealing in my opinion!
Otherwise, I am loving these mini lipsticks! They look full size in my picture above but don't be fooled they are pretty tiny and travel friendly! The lipstick itself is also very skinny and miniature!

I restocked on my favorite Sephora half lashes! These babies are to die for gorgeous and give you the most gorgeous flutter!

I'm slowly warming up to blushes and have been purchasing more and more recently whereas before I would never pay attention nor wear blush! But, I am trying new things out of my comfort zone and loving it! This blush I just saw and picked up without swatching it or anything lol. How random right? I just really liked the color and had this sudden urge to get it! And you know what happens when you follow your gut ladies! You fall in love! Chessy I know... but I'm in love with his blush! It is so pigmented and has a perfect balance between the color & the shimmer! I have been using this nonstop!!

Many of you are probably unfamiliar with the brand Arcona because I know I was, even though I browse through everything at the beauty department. I heard about this brand through another blogger (It's Not About Inner Beauty: and decided to try their stuff. After familiarizing myself with the brand and getting more info on all the products from the sales associate I decided to try this "Desert Mist" because it was the one product that intrigued me the most! Basically this product is a shield on your face to protect you from all the dirt, pollution, bacteria, sun rays, and anything else that can damage your face! It comes with a pump it's not really a mist lol and a full pump will do the job. You just rub it between your palms and PRESS it onto your face you do not buff it in with circular motions! You then wait for it to dry and go about applying your primer than foundation OR you can just leave it like that! Before you apply this product, if you moisturize, you should moisturize prior to applying this! 
This product smells soooo good & it's all natural!
BTW I got this from Nordstrom!

So, I was in the Sephora line waiting for my turn to pay and AS ALWAYS I end up buying something from their products by the checkout line! I cam across this and decided to try it!
This is when my life changed!
I will not, I repeat WILL NOT, leave the house without this on my face ever in my life again! 
I swear to you this is like an extra strength hairspray for your face it is amazinggggggggg! I do not know where it has been all my life! If you touch-up your makeup throughout the day you need this in your life! My makeup looks just as flawless as it did when I applied it!
I can go on and on about how amazing this stuff is but you guys need to try it out!

I am slowly running out of my handy dandy Evian spray so while I was at Nordstrom I decided to pick up this set because I love this size it is very convenient as opposed to the larger bottle!

I also came across this beauty blender cleaner and decided to get it because when I clean my beauty blender with soap & water I feel like none of the makeup deep inside the sponge comes out...probably because it doesn't thats probably why there is a specific cleanser for it! Anyways, I used this on my beauty blender & my regular brushes! It worked great! My beauty blender looks good as new and my brushes are extra clean!

You just wet the brushes first (or the beauty blender) then in circular motions run it across this bad boy and wash it out!
Then let them air dry!

So I had a blemish the other day & I decided to buy this lol. I applied it a couple times throughout the day on my blemish and it did make the inflammation go down slightly but thats about it! I just like this cause it has 100% natural ingredients and it can't do any harm!

As most of my reader know I love to contour and recently I've been wanting to contour with a concealer so I decided to purchase this from the drugstore! I am really liking it because the color is perfect, it blends beautifully, and it's very creamy! I apply it to the areas I want to contour such as my jaw, the outlines of my forehead, and of course the hallows of my cheeks... I then blend it out with my beauty blender! Oh and I apply my foundation before I contour with this product! You can also do it after if you want a more natural effort-less look but I like a strong contour!

This is bronzing powder from Victorias Secret and I love love love their beauty products! I'm also loving this color it gives a gorgeous glow! I love how their makeup is a reflection of their overall style very youthful & glowy!

That is it for my recent haul guys! I hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to follow!
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-Love Greta! Mwah!

Monday, December 16, 2013

New Morphe Brushes Goodies!

Hey beauties, the other day I took my dog to Petco in Burbank and while he was getting pampered I decided to make a quick stop at Morphe Brushes! If you guys look back in my previous Morphe haul you would see that I love their products and I mainly go to get brushes & individual shadows because I already have so many palettes that I don't need or want any more. But, I'm always in the mood for specific shadows!
I also saw on Instagram that they had a newer formula which meant better pigmentation, and their eye shadows before were already so pigmented so I knew I had to try out their new formula! I've got to say the fallout of the shadows is much much less than my older ones and the colors are more opaque (even though the older formula was opaque with one swipe as well) but its even MORE opaque!

Ok so here is what I purchased:

Sooo I have a million brushes and yet I needed another blending brush and this is their most popular one...its fluffy and blends shadows out beautifully! I love all their brushes to be honest and anyone who is looking to purchase full sets of brushes I would highly recommend looking into Morphe Brushes because not only do they have quality their prices are beyond reasonable!!!! Almost every makeup artist I know (and even go to) owns these brushes and has no complaints! 

The picture of the shadows above totally suck I know guys just bare with me! The one on the left is #14 and it is a warm toned orange/yellow color which I purchased specifically for brown smokey eyes as a transition color! The shadow on the left, #16, is a light auburn/brown color (very unique) but you can definitely build the product to a darker shade especially if you use a facial spray! 
Below are the swatches!



I also go this eyelash curler because for some reason my lashes are different lengths! I shed lashes on a daily basis no joke! I figured I should start curling them to make them look a little even and to give a little volume and extra length!

Hope you enjoyed! 

-Love Greta! Mwah!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Latest Kiehls Haul!

Hey beauties my finals are finally over and I am on break for 2 weeks...yayy me!!! That means more blog posts...yayyy you! LOL

Ok on to the good stuff!

So last week I was at Nordstrom browsing around my favorite department (beauty DUH!) and I came across a set from Kiehls which included literally everything I had been meaning to buy! So naturally I bought it :)
FYI: This set includes all of their best selling products!
It comes with all the products below:

This is their #1 all over lotion which I have been using non-stop I do not know where it has been my whole life! I swear you will not regret this product it locks in hydration and feels so silky on the skin! It doesn't get greasy and messy like most lotions its AMAZING! Especially, for Winter time when our skin craves moisture and hydration!

This is their amazing hand cream for dry, parched hands! My mother has extremely dry hands (like so dry her hands eat up lotion within 5 minutes after application) and I asked her to try this because the lady at the counter raved about it so much! She tried it and is extremely fond of it because her hands stayed hydrated for the longest time, even after she washed her hands!!!!! This stuff is magic! She usually uses Shiseido's Advanced Essential Energy hand cream (pic listed below) and loves that NOW she uses both! Whatever's handy at the time lol!

Here is their facial moisturizer and since my Laura Mercier one is close to finishing this will be my next moisturizer! I'll keep you guys posted on this and the cleanser I promised to get back to you guys on!

This also came in the set and I don't really need this product because I am in my early 20's and don't have deep wrinkles or wrinkles in general. I'll probably give this to someone or toss it! 

This "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" was not in the set but I bought it because I had a little sample and when I tried it I really liked it! My Botanics Facial Oil (which I love) is almost finishing and this is going to replace it! I love facial oils especially since my skin is dry! I apply it after a clean face before bed!
This stuff is great I cannot wait to start using it again!

I'm sure you guys have noticed by now that almost all of my skin care products include Kiehls. I pretty much use only Kiehls because the brand has amazing quality and I see results with these products! I don't like experimenting with new facial products because it is my face we're dealing with. I like to use tried and trusted brands and once a blue moon will I purchase something that I have no clue about. I like to use a variety of masks and peels on face but thats about it. As far as moisturizer, cleaner, toner, and facial oils I prefer quality and I prefer for them to be one brand; thus, my conversion to all Kiehls products! I am very picky with certain products. I don't apply a lot of junk on my face and I make sure the stuff I do apply are of great quality; and this does not mean it has to be over the top expensive!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, till next time beauties!

-Love Greta! Mwah!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Smashbox "Try It Kit" #bestsellers

Hey beauties, I promised you guys a review on the Smashbox "Try It Kit" so here it is:
It comes in a set of 5 sample size products! I got mine for $20 at Macys a few weeks ago!

This is the mini "Full Exposure" mascara, which to be honest I didn't really like. It didn't do much for my lashes as far as giving it volume, which is what the brush and formula is intended to do. I just keep it in my makeup bag for emergencies only.

This is the lid primer (aka eye shadow primer)!
I didn't like this product either because of the rough texture! The formula isn't creamy like most eye primers its more thick and it dries really really fast. The second you apply it you have to blend it out or else it will dry up! I also didn't like how it blended out, it wasn't a flawless blend (it became flakey), and you could see that if I wore light shadows on top. It doesn't seem like it in the last picture, once it was blended, but you realize it on your lids. As far as how it holds up, it seems to be doing it's job but I also did not wear shadow for the whole day with this product; maybe like 5 hours max and my eye makeup stayed put. Overall, not a fan of this either!

This face primer was something I wasn't going to use because I was told it's intended for oily skin but surprisingly it worked well on my dry skin. As always I moisturize before applying primer on my face and once I applied my foundation over this product it looked flawless and didn't look dried out!
I am aware that they have a "hydration" face primer as well but this did it's job. I wouldn't replace it with my Too Faced "Primed & Poreless" but since it's a sample size I use it here and there!

This is the mini black eye liner that came with the set. 
No complaints, but it's not amazing either! The second picture is what it looks like with 2 swipes and the last picture is what it looks once I smudged it out! I use this pencil when I want to smudge something out I do not use it for my waterline because it gets messy! 
Again, since its so tiny I throw it in my makeup bag for emergencies!

This was just a neutral gloss with a hint of shimmer. Very cute! I actually like this because you guys know how I love my neutral glosses :)

Hope this helped you guys with your future purchases! 

-Love Greta! Mwah!