Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Smashbox "Try It Kit" #bestsellers

Hey beauties, I promised you guys a review on the Smashbox "Try It Kit" so here it is:
It comes in a set of 5 sample size products! I got mine for $20 at Macys a few weeks ago!

This is the mini "Full Exposure" mascara, which to be honest I didn't really like. It didn't do much for my lashes as far as giving it volume, which is what the brush and formula is intended to do. I just keep it in my makeup bag for emergencies only.

This is the lid primer (aka eye shadow primer)!
I didn't like this product either because of the rough texture! The formula isn't creamy like most eye primers its more thick and it dries really really fast. The second you apply it you have to blend it out or else it will dry up! I also didn't like how it blended out, it wasn't a flawless blend (it became flakey), and you could see that if I wore light shadows on top. It doesn't seem like it in the last picture, once it was blended, but you realize it on your lids. As far as how it holds up, it seems to be doing it's job but I also did not wear shadow for the whole day with this product; maybe like 5 hours max and my eye makeup stayed put. Overall, not a fan of this either!

This face primer was something I wasn't going to use because I was told it's intended for oily skin but surprisingly it worked well on my dry skin. As always I moisturize before applying primer on my face and once I applied my foundation over this product it looked flawless and didn't look dried out!
I am aware that they have a "hydration" face primer as well but this did it's job. I wouldn't replace it with my Too Faced "Primed & Poreless" but since it's a sample size I use it here and there!

This is the mini black eye liner that came with the set. 
No complaints, but it's not amazing either! The second picture is what it looks like with 2 swipes and the last picture is what it looks once I smudged it out! I use this pencil when I want to smudge something out I do not use it for my waterline because it gets messy! 
Again, since its so tiny I throw it in my makeup bag for emergencies!

This was just a neutral gloss with a hint of shimmer. Very cute! I actually like this because you guys know how I love my neutral glosses :)

Hope this helped you guys with your future purchases! 

-Love Greta! Mwah!