Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekly Product Review: TheBalm Cosmetics (Haul)!

Hi beauties a few weeks ago I finally got my TheBalm package that I ordered from Hautelook. I waited forever for it but it was definitely worth the wait! I ordered a bunch of stuff and I am officially obsessed with this brand!
Lets begin:

These loose eyeshadows are so pigmented and gorgeous!!! I did not use an adhesive under these swatches but I do advise you guys to use one (for example Too Faced Glitter Glue- I have a blog post demonstrating one of these shadows and the difference with the glitter adhesive and without it). 
There is rarely any fallout and it is very lightweight. Love these!!!!

Ok lets talk about these highlighters for a minute!
Honestly, the pigmentation is freaking PHENOMENAL! Be careful so you don't use too much because this can easily happen! I usually pat my brush on the product and tap off the excess…this way you can build the color to your liking!

And what I absolutely love is that it is powdery. The powdery texture helps you smooth it over your skin easily and blend to perfection! 
Oh and I like to use these highlighters as blushes as well, even eyeshadows! Another perk to these products!
Highly recommend these babies!!!!

OMG these blushes & bronzer is everything!
Just like the highlighters they too have a powdery texture thus they are soooooooooo easy to blend out and so smooth when you apply it! But, with this you have to be careful to not apply to much because they are extremely pigmented! I apply them the same way as I do the highlighters. 

And just a tip with the Bahama Mama bronzer: this color is not for everyone it really depends on your skin tone because this product can look ashy on some skin tones! I have pretty white/fair skin and if I apply a minimal amount it looks just right but I cannot contour heavily with this product because it will look ashy and dark! 

Another tip when using all of the products above, including the highlighters & eyeshades, is that all these products wash away easily with water. So they are not meant to be worn if your near/in water, it's raining, or on a hot day (sweat will melt it off)! Why do I mention this? Because, usually after I am done with my face makeup  (foundation, blush, bronzer- the whole shabang!) I like to either spray my face with a facial spray (Mario Badescu Rose Water) or my Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray and I cannot do that with these products because it will start to look blotchy and sometimes even melt down a little! So avoid any fluids! 

I used this translucent powder a few times and I actually like it! It is an anti-shine powder so it's meant for oily skin but I have very dry skin and it didn't enhance my dry spots or dry out my face it just took away all the shine from my foundation! Again, all the above rules apply to this powder product as well! 

Overall, I absolutely love everything I purchased and I plan on purchasing more! 
First off, the packaging itself is enough for me to purchase the product. It is so girly, vintage, and adorable!
Second, the products have amazing texture, pigmentation, and blend beautifully!
Third, they are affordable!
Fourth, the colors are TO DIE FOR!
Fifth, they are multi purpose
Sixth, stop reading this & click below to purchase your package of goodies :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, talk to you soon! 
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-Love Greta! Mwah!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Product Review: Too Faced Glitter Glue

Hi beauties last week I got this Too Faced Glitter Glue which is exactly what it says it is…glitter glue lol and I wanted it specifically for pigments. Most of you who are up-to-date with my blog have read that I use my Evian Facial Spray to get pigments to stick on my lids but the fine powder in the pigment slowly falls off and eventually looses its pigmentation. With this product not only does the loose pigment stick it LASTS! 

You need a pea size amount and you apply it just as you would an eye primer!
It does feel a little tacky but since it's thick & creamy it blends well!
It is also crease resistant just like most eye primers!

How to use:
You can either smooth this over your lids with your finger or with a synthetic brush. Do not use a brush with natural hard because it will get stuck in the hairs and become hard to remove!

How to remove:
You remove as you would any eyeshadow depending on what you used with the glitter glue!
If you used glitter I would use makeup wipes to remove it before washing your face but if you used a pigment then I would remove it with your cleanser or whatever you use to remove your makeup at night!

Demonstration #1:

Product: The Balm Mineral Eyeshadow in "No Money, No Honey" 

As you can see, the bottom part of my hand (where I used the Glitter Glue) is much more pigmented than the top. There is no fallout during application, it lasts all night, and it makes the shadow/pigment so much more pigmented!

Demonstration #2:

As the name gives off this is "Glitter Glue" so it's obviously intended for glitter, which is amazing because if you have ever worked with glitter you know that it is so hard to work with & control. 
I took a Mac glitter from my limited edition Nocturnals Collection in "Pink" and placed it on top of the glitter glue. There was minimal fallout (as you can see from the sides), the glitter stuck on well, and it lasts! 
Now remember that when you are applying the glitter glue on your lids, for example, and you are working with glitter it's better to use a synthetic brush! Why? Because if you use your finger and you happen to accidentally get the glue on your crease then when you apply the glitter it is going to get on your crease as well. And let me tell you glitter is hard to remove! It is not like a pigment where you can remove it easily with makeup remover.
 Not only is glitter messy but you have to scrub a little!

Demonstration #3:

Sometimes when I want a light shadow color to pop I add a little Evian Facial Spray on my brush and apply the shadow to my lids. With this comes the problem of the product not lasting as long and fallout!  I decided to try one of my Too Faced Joy To The Girls Palette shadows that isn't as pigmented with the glitter glue. 
So you can't really see in the picture but there is some shadow at the top. The bottom is clearly the shadow using the glitter glue. 
This shadow isn't as pigmented to begin with so when I used the glitter glue it did bring out the color, slightly, but it was also very hard to work with for some reason. I packed on the shadow on top of the glue as much as I could and it still didn't give it the mount of pigmentation that I would like. So my guess is this glue is strictly for glitter & loose pigments which is totally fine!

Overall, I absolutely loveeeee this product! It makes applying pigments & glitters so simple with barely any fallout, enhanced pigmentation, and longevity! 
I would recommend this to anyone who likes to work with pigments and glitter!

Below is a link to where you can purchase this product:

I hope this review helped and I will talk to you guys soon! 
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-Love Greta! Mwah!