Friday, June 6, 2014

"Closet Swap" Transitioning Into Summer (Makeup & Fashion)!

Hey beauties!! A company called Raise contacted me about doing a blog post on fashion and makeup tips for transitioning into summer. I though it was a brilliant and fun idea so I went straight to work deciding on which outfits and products to include. When I think of summer I think lightweight and little effort so that's what this post will resemble. All of the pictures I post are not mine (got them off the internet for better quality) but these are all products I own in my closet and vanity! I will also provide links to the products I can find online!

When I think of Summer I remember the scorching California sun and the cool Malibu waves.
I think of a picnic in the park.
I think of bike riding in Venice Beach.
I think of pool parties and barbecues.
I think of a bright two-piece bikini under some high-top shorts and a loose tank.
I think of bright colors and fun patterns.
I think of light clothing and even lighter shoes.
I think of big hats and wedges by the Vegas pools.
.....need I go on?
The following outfits resemble all of the above in one way or another...

Romper by Rachel Roy:
This has to be my favorite romper in my closet because I can dress it up or dress it down. 
During the day I pair this with gold flats and a cross-body bag. 
At night I throw on some black ankle-strap heels and a leather jacket and I'm good to go!
Rompers are a must have around summer time  and most importantly they are lightweight...especially this one!

Shorts by Forever 21:
I love these Pink Metallic BouclĂ© Shorts, I also have the matching jacket (which unfortunately I cannot find a picture of on the web).  I love the color and the material is so chic! These are perfect for a fancy lunch or dinner date.

Sandals by Michael Kors:
These are the Gold Blythe Leather Slingback Sandals which I am obsessed with! They are gorgeous on the feet and the gold color is perfect for everyday wear. I wear this with my Rachel Roy romper pictured above and a matching cross-body bag (pictured below).

Crossbody by Michael Kors:
This is the Gold jet set leather crossbody that is the same leather as my sandals above, I always wear the two together! I love this bag because its lightweight, it has card-holders inside, and you have room to put necessities in. My only suggestion is to take care of it because the leather does tend to change color when it gets dirty. 

Floppy hat by Laundry by Shelli Segal:
This is the "Chloe" floppy hat that I love when I'm by the water because it covers my face from the sun and I like that it's flexible. 
I just love floppy hats, they are so classy and sexy at the same time, something that never goes out of style! 
For more everyday-wear I love to wear fedoras. 

YES, now onto my favorite portion of every season...makeupppppppp! :)
My makeup on a daily basis is really simple so not much changes during the summer except I don't wear much makeup because it's way to hot. Although, when I do I like to have lightweight, heat-proof and glowy products!

Here I have two of my "glowy" bronzers that I love to wear around summer time. 
The first is the Too Faced "Sun Bunny" bronzer which is gives you a natural glow. I like to mix the two colors together and bronze up my face. I do not contour with this color because it does have shimmer in it so I simply warm up my face and add some color to my cheeks.

The second product is a Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in "Gold Deposit" which is extremely pigmented and since I have very fair skin I cannot apply this product on it's own because I'll just have orange shiny cheeks...not cute. I like to use this over a matte bronzer and only on the hallows of my cheeks slightly dragging the color towards the apple of my cheeks, but not fully. I also love the color "Soft & Gentle" form this same line as a highlighter. 

Ok ladies, please trust me when I say you need this in your life because YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!! For all my beauties who love a gorgeous highlight do yourself a favor and purchase this product you will not regret it. It is such a beautiful shimmer color I always get compliments when I wear this. I like to use a fan brush (or the brush it comes with) and place this on the high points of my cheeks (as you do with any highlighter). Now, I know this product isn't for everyone because it is very shimmery and very pigmented but for those of you who like these qualities, buy's worth every penny!! Oh and I use it as an inner corner highlight too!

Summer is all about lightweight coverage so a BB cream or tinted moisturizer is perfect...they are both pretty much the same thing except a BB has a few added benefits (depending on the brand). This Dior BB is perfect for everyday wear the only thing I don't like is the small color selection, it only has 4 shades GRR! I have shade 2 only because shade 1 was way to pink and since I have pink undertones I need a more yellow color to cancel that out. I mix this with my Dior Nude foundation and I get the perfect amount of coverage. The coverage of the BB alone is light to buildable and it doesn't cake up. It also gives you a dewy finish!

This Mario Badescu facial spray is my life! I swear by this stuff, it keeps my dry skin moisturized throughout the day and refreshes my makeup when it's slowly becoming dull. I also love to use this prior to applying primer or foundation because it preps my skin for flawless application. I have gone through bottles of this and I take it with me everywhere I go! This is a must have for every season and summer in particular, just to keep your skin refreshed.


I decided to end the blog here because I could go on for hours more about my favorite summer products however, I like to keep things short & sweet :)
I would like to thank Raise for contacting me about this blog post and I suggest you guys check them out, they are a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash!  From Nordstrom to DSW, they have gift cards to meet all your fashion needs. The concept is so unique and cool!

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post & talk to you soon!

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-Love Greta! Mwah!