Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Product Review: Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

Hi beauties, I just recently restocked on my Beauty Blender Cleanser because it is so amazing!!! Here is a review on why this is a worthy product!

Ok so I purchased this product in the first place because I realized that every time I would wash my beauty blender with regular soap barely anything (as in makeup deep in the sponge) came out. I figured there must be a reason that Beauty Blender makes a cleanser so I gave it a shot! The first time I washed it with the cleanser so much crap came out I was beyond disgusted. It completely cleaned my beauty blender and brought it back to its pink color.

Clearly I used this product all up! 

For the best results follow the directions above!

This product is not only a sponge cleanser but it can also be used on brushes! 
I have A LOT of makeup brushes and I decided to clean them with this….bad idea!
I literally finish up this product SO FAST because I used it on all my brushes and it wasn't worth it at all. It's much better to stick to shampoo or soap for your makeup brushes and leave this cleanser for the sponge itself so you don't end up buying one bar each month…unless you have like 5 makeup brushes (YUP, didn't think so haha).

Overall, I absolutely love this product for cleaning my beauty blender because it gets the job done and gets all the makeup at the core of the sponge out! 
I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a beauty blender!

Below is a link to Sephora where you can purchase this product! 
Enjoy beauties :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Talk to you soon!
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-Love Greta!Mwah! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly Product Review:Too Faced BulletProof Brows vs. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Hi beauties, so a few weeks ago I decided to try some new brow products out. Naturally, I ran to my Sephora and decided to pick up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, which has received so much attention lately. I debated between the color "Chocolate" & "Blonde" I thought Chocolate was way to dark for my light brown brows ( and I hate dark brows) so I went with Blonde. The next day I was so eager to try it on, because I hadn't at Sephora, and I was so shocked. In a bad way!
First off, I did not like the consistency it was way way way way too creamy for a brow product, in my opinion. Since it was creamy when I started to outline my brows the color barely came up and it smeared everywhere. 
By the way Blonde was definitely way too light for my brows and Chocolate was way too dark. I know they are coming out with different colors soon and I don't know why they waited to release the collection all together but anyway. So I ended up returning this product, I was very disappointed because I love Anastasia's brow products.
I also, didn't wear this throughout the day because so I do not know how long the product lasts on the brows. 

 I decided to try the Too Faced Bulletproof Brows instead because it has a much thicker consistency and the color corresponded better to my brows. This product wears all day without smearing, loosing its color, or its shape. Since it is a "universal brunette" it goes with a variety of brow colors…if you use a light hand with the product you get a more light brown color if you use a heavier hand a more dark brown. Oh and there are only 2 shades to purchase, Universal Brunette & Universal Taupe. 
The only con to this product would have to be that I constantly need to dip back in because I want to avoid getting too much product on the brush…and I like a more natural looking brow. 
Speaking of brushes, this comes with a double ended brush (which I love). On one end there is a spooly to brush through your brows and on the other end there is a angled brush to pick up the product.  

Just a reminder beauties that what might not work for me and my brows might work for you. Everyone is different with different preferences and I feel that it is best to try a few products so see which suits you best.

As always I hope this review helped and stay tuned for more!
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-Love Greta! Mwah!