Friday, October 11, 2013

Morphe Brushes & Ulta!

Hey guys so yesterday I decided that I need to add a few brushes to my collection that I am in dire need of and I wanted a few new shadow colors...I had recently heard of an amazing brand called "Morphe Brushes"so I decided to look into it and read some reviews. I heard only positive feedback and when I was watching some YouTube reviews on it they swatched the shadow colors & I was surprised at how pigmented they were...ESPECIALLY given the fact that they are only $2 per shadow! I mean wow!!!!!! 
Since I was sold on the eye shadows I looked on their website to see what kinds of brushes they sold, and they had a lot. When I visited the store today it was basically ALL brushes...I didn't want to leave!
So here is what I purchased:

 Here is a reddish-brown "brick" color (#16) that I got & it comes in a slip...however you can get it in a shadow case or pick a few and make it a palette but I just put mine in my Z Palette (they sell Z Palettes there as well). Anyways, like I said the pigments are amazing, it's easy to blend, and I really like the shadow colors. They don't have a whole lot of eye shadow colors...which is okay because they have the main, necessary colors! 

Here is the rest of the colors I purchased! I love them all!!!!

 Here are the brushes that I needed to add to my collection:
From left to right:
1. I got this very thin gel liner I still love my Brandon one (I talked about this brush in a previous post on gel liners) but I wanted an even thinner one for a more defined line! I have not used this yet but I'm sure it will work well because its a extremely thin brush and you can use it to create a variety of precise lines (to draw on your face, for your gel liners, for your water line...).
2. This is a small pencil crease brush...I used it today and I like it but the bristles are a little harsh....however they had other types of pencil crease brushes just like this but with different bristles...I will definitely go back an buy a softer one!
3. This is their most popular blending brush and I used this brush today as well for my crease color and it blended quit beautifully...definitely a fave!
4. I think this brush is called a precision smudger...not sure...but I used it to apply shadow to my lower lash line and I love the precision of this brush...there is no fallout AT ALL...amazing!!!

They were selling these bronzers at the store too so I decided to buy it and surprisingly I really liked it...I used it on my cheeks today by itself and it gave me a beautiful is a bit darker than my beloved VS one (in my previous bronzer post)!

So besides my purchases at Morphe I also went to Ulta and bought a few things...some I got to use today and some I will use them then post a blog about it!
Real Techniques- Expert Face Brush
 Wow the trouble I went through to get my hands on this brush is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't use a face brush for my foundation because I blend my foundation with my handy dandy beauty blender BUT I saw this brush at a Ulta store in Hollywood and I really liked it...just my luck they were sold out! So instead of purchasing it online & waiting a week I called every single store in my area where they sold these brushes & finally after hours of being put on hold at different stores I called the Ulta store in Burbank and the lady said they had only 1 in stock and I immediately told her to put it on hold. So today I went to go pick it up and I even used it today for my foundation & OMG you guys this is the most amazing face brush I have ever used!!!!!! I didn't even need the beauty blender b/c this brush buffs the foundation in soooooo beautifully! I am so glad I bought it! 

 I heard about using this as a brow gel from one of my YouTube beauty bloggers so I decided to try it out and it really works great as a brow gel...its not sticky and it doesn't make your brow hair hard as a rock! I put it over my brows today and it kept my brow powder & pencil in place & it was very subtle and mess and no weird feeling! Thumbs up for this product!

So I love neutral shinny colors and I decided to purchase this because the holidays are coming...even though its neutral enough for everyday! I used this today over my Morphe # 02 color and it was so beautiful!! I am going to back and purchase some more colors!! I have only 1 pigment from MAC that I rarely use because it is a dark brown shimmer but this is gorgeous neutral one that u can even use without any shadow underneath! I think it's a must have!

Hope you enjoyed beauties!

-Love Greta! Mwah!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ELF Palette Review

Hey guys, I purchased this ELF palette a month or so ago and I don't use it too often but I wanted a random palette with color variety since I mainly have shadows and palettes that are more neutral. For the price you pay the colors are very pigmented and easy to blend.  Surprisingly, I really really like the colors in this pallete and I have used the purple ones and the dark neutral ones a couple of times and I love it! 
This is the perfect vacation palleted!!!! You have your different shadows, your bronzer, your blush, and lipgloss! I don't like the eyeshadow cream at all it sucks and I haven't used the face shimmer...I did use the bronzer and blush just to test it out and they look good together but they are way too shimmery for me. Overall, I like the shadows and again for such a cheap price the quality is great! I would suggest this to anyone who is new to makeup and is still experimenting! 

Oh & I bought this from Urban Outfitters! I always end up leaving that store with makeup lol! 

And stay tuned for a Morphe Brushes Haul! :)

Enjoy beauties!

-Love Greta! Mwah!