Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review!

Hey Beauties,

You guys have all been yearning for a review on the new Nars foundation, so here you have it :)

Okay so it took me some time to get used to this foundation because it's tricky! First things first Nars' shading is so darn complicated (for me at least), I took home 2 different colors before I realized the shade "Mont Blanc" was right for me. Why did I take home 2 shades and not test them out in the store? Well because when I spot tested them on my jawline they looked fine. The problem prevailed once I applied it all over my face, it either made me look like a giant yellow balloon or a dead ghost; "Mont Blanc" happened to be my happy medium lol.

So lets talk a little about the foundation:

  • It's definitely light weight; it feels very smooth and velvety. 
  • It isn't as luminous as it claims; it's more demi-matte in my opinion.
  • It is definitely not all day. It wears for a few hours but it settles into fine lines (laugh smiles, wrinkles, etc) fairly quickly. 
    • I have tried this foundation with a bunch of primers to see what it is most compatible with. I have moisturized and used a velvety primer (Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer) underneath this foundation and it still gets into the crevices of my face and doesn't elongate the wear power. I have also used a silicone poreless primer (Too Faced Primed & Poreless) and I realized my face looking extra oily and the foundation was breaking up (bummer). I have also used a color correcting primer (Clinique Superprimer) and although it gave me a flawless finish (as did all the other primers) it still settles into my smile lines and I feel that I need to touch up with powder after 2 hours. 
    • P.S. I set my face with either a pressed or loose powder every time!
  • Not compatible with other foundations. I tried to mix it and it started to break apart on my face so stay away from mixing this foundation with other foundations.
  • Definitely full coverage. It will cover everything!!!!
  • It is advised to use only 1 pump on your face (laughs). That is a joke to me given that the pump lets out only a dot, YES a dot, of product. I normally use 2-3 pumps for my whole face. *Shake before you use it*
  • You must must must have an exfoliated face if you want to use this foundation because it does tends to enhance imperfections on the face. 
  • Compatible with dry skin if you moisturize and I advise anyone with oily skin to stay far far away. 
  • I blend this with my beauty blender after I dot the foundation on my face.
Overall, I do like this foundation but I don't love it. I use it because it's new and I can get away with it looking somewhat flawless for a few hours but it's not something I reach for if I want my makeup to last all day and look flawless all day.

If you wish to purchase this foundation, here are a few links:

I hope this was helpful! Please do remember that what might not work for me might work for you (vice-versa). So, your best bet is to get color matched at Sephora and take home a sample.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

I Will Now Be Booking Makeup Appointments!

Hey Beauties,

I have some great news for you all today. After a REALLY long time of debating whether or not I should take this step or not I have decided to just do it. I will now be booking appointments as a freelance mobile makeup artist...aka a makeup artist that comes to you!

Some of you are wondering why I am doing this now and not sooner?! Well let me put it this way, all of the experience I will gain freelancing will help me with another project that has been in the works for a while but will not be revealed until every aspect of it has been perfected :) I know I'm giving you guys anxiety lol but trust me you are going to be very happy when you hear the news! I'm the type of person who commits herself to something 110%. Thus, I need everything to be done thoroughly and with much thought before I present it to anyone.

I never intended to do makeup on clients because that was just never my thing, it wasn't my goal, and it didn't interest me. However, for the sake of where I want to be and the things I want to do I need to gain hands-on experience. I've learned that no matter how much product knowledge, technique, and talent you have unless you put it all to work and see the outcome you can't master a skill and move forward. My decision to freelance all stems from this. I feel that I cannot move forward with my up-and-coming career without this crucial step. I know that I don't have to explain myself but I thought I would go ahead and do it anyway so that everything is crystal clear :)!

Okay so here is the breakdown:

I currently reside in Los Angeles, California therefore I will be booking appointments predominantly in LA. If you are interested in me traveling further than LA please email me and ask if I am able to commute to your location (charges will apply).

Makeup: $100 (within 25 mile radius of 91604 -Studio City- zip code. Anything further charges will apply). A $50 deposit must be made via Paypal and the payment must be approved before your appointment can be secured. The remaining $50 (or more) will have to be cash pay once I arrive.
Lashes are included in all of this and it usually takes anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the look you are going for.

Photoshoot: $200

If you are interested please email me at 

-Your Full Name
-Desired Date & Time 
-Location (Full Address)

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Rocksbox: The Premium Jewelry Subscription Box (Review + 1 Month Free Code)!

Hey Beauties,

Rocksbox recently reached out to me and decided to give my followers a chance to try Rocksbox free for one month! As always I like to test out a brand before I say anything about them and I must say the whole concept of Rocksbox is so unique. I love the idea of testing out my personalized jewelry before purchasing it because I personally have very sensitive ears (I can only wear high quality metal earrings or else I will get an infection) and I hate trying on jewelry at the store. So far, I have zero complaints from the company, I love the items I received, and the shipping was fast too!

What exactly is "Rocksbox?"
Rocksbox is a premier jewelry subscription box. Basically, they send you a box filled with three pieces of jewelry based around your taste and you get to borrow the pieces, test them out, and wear them before you decide to purchase them. How cool, right?! If you decide you don't like the items you can swamp it out for a new set. The best part is that they feature 30+ amazing designers including Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, and Loren Hope.

How Does It Work?
You sign up using my code (listed below), which will give you a FREE 1 month trial, and you can start enjoying Rocksbox. If you sign up after 30 days from this post (April 9, 2015), it turns into 50% off.
Just fill out the fun survey they give you to determine your personal style and you are on your way to recieving your first box. Oh, and did I mention this code has unlimited use :)
P.S. If after you have placed my code in the applicable box and it still asks for your card information to charge you, put it in because it will be voided. They just need your card information to make sure they get their products back.

Code: "fortheloveofmakeupxoxo"

If there is anything I haven't covered please check Rocksbox's website :)

If you follow me on Instagram tag me and Rocksbox once your box arrives. I can't wait to see what goodies you guys get!!!
Oh, and you guys can check out my Instagram where I made a little unboxing video showing you all of my #Rocksbox goodies.

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