Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Purchases + Contact Info!

Hi beauties! In my last post I mentioned that I have been trying out a bunch of new products so here they are :)
 I have been wanting to try thins banana powder out in forever and I finally purchased it a couple weeks ago and I LOVEEEE ITTT!!!!! Seriously Ben Nye your the bomb dot com this powder does not cake up it is so gorgeous over your concealer and it just looks flawless! I only apply it anywhere where I have highlighted because it does have a yellow undertone like most of my highlighting concealers! 

 So I saw this product randomly when I went to Claires with my little sister and when I felt the bristles it was so incredibly soft I had to get it. I do not own a powder kabuki brush like this and it is so handy with loose face powders...which is what I use it for! I believe it is from Eco Tools because it was around those brushes! I am totally loving this brush!

 I think I got this from Macy's a week or so ago for $20... incredible right! As you guys know I love love love gift sets with sample items so I can try out a bunch and see which ones I like and I don't really own any products from Smashbox so I wanted to give their "best sellers" a try! So far I have used everything but the face primer (which I think is for oily skin). I will have full reviews once I have used everything enough times to give you guys a thorough analysis.

 My mother and I needed a new bigger blowout brush and I came across this one and have yet to try it so stay tuned! Its from Peter Coppola!

Colors are in order (starting from the bottom color barely shows because it is so light) from the upper left to right colors on the palette and the last one is the bottom right peachy/pink shade. I did not include the white because it is a regular shimmery white!

 I decided to purchase this mini Lorac Little Lace "Smolder" palette because it is so tiny and so cute! It is so perfect to throw in your makeup bag and is the perfect travel size! The colors unfortunately do not have names. I came across this in the checkout line at Nordstrom Rack for like $12 and a friend of mine mentioned to me on Instagram that they were originally a HauteLook ( exclusive which is true but I guess they have them at the store as well...which is even better! I have used it once or twice now and really like it! I keep it in my purse at all times!
I think you get the best application with a flat shader brush or your fingertips!
The colors blend beautifully and the pigments are great!

This set comes with a little story lol. Ok so if you follow my blog and are up to date with my posts you know that I love the liquid eye liner that comes in this set and I also have and use the shimmery "Kitten" color also included in the set. Now, I came across this BEAUTIFUL red liquid lipstick a week ago at Sephora and fell in love with it the second I swatched it! I love red lipstick but don't wear it often because when you eat or drink it wears off fast and you constantly need to reapply. 
Have no worries ladies because this lipstick solves that problem! It is an all day lip stain that stays on whether u are eating, drinking, kissing, underwater, you name it! It literally stays put all day! The only problem: IT'S SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding I have looked everywhere and could not find it! I wanted it so bad I purchased this whole set just to get my hands on it lol. I swear I'm not crazy because the color and quality are so amazing... it is my best lipstick purchase by far! 

As you can see from the pictures it goes on creamy and dries matte. Once you apply it make sure to apply a thin layer so it dries faster and do not forget your lipliner! 
The best part is Stila makes more colors!
Oh and I'm really glad I got this set because I usually carry the bigger version of the liquid eye liner and now I have a mini version which is awesome! 

 I was at my local Walgreens when I saw the product and remembered I had been wanting to purchase it so I did and I like it so far! Once you peel it off your skin feels smooth and glows! Just avoid applying on your eyebrow hairs or too close to your hairline because it will stick and hurt when you try to take it off lol! I know that Freeman also has an avocado & oatmeal mask which I will go back and purchase because I have heard great stuff about that too!

The last thing I got was this Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush which I needed because I always have dead skin on my lips and it shows over my lipstick EWW! I use this constantly when I want smooth lips. All you have to do is rub it into your lips however I don't like the feeling of the sugars on my fingers so I scrub it with a toothbrush!
The one thing I don't like is the smell, it smells exactly like bubblegum and for some reason its unappealing to me! Otherwise this is a great product to have! 
And just a FYI you can make body & lip scrubs easily at home all you need is sugar and oil (just google it if your interested there are so many options online).

Contact Info:
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Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

-Love Greta! Mwah!