Friday, November 15, 2013

YouTube Beauty Guru's

Hey ya'll I wanted to do a post dedicated to the ladies that contributed to my makeup skills! So like most of my readers (and most girls in general) makeup is not a big deal and they are ok with the bare minimum thing. I'm not going to lie I was just like you then all of a sudden it became this obsession that made me so happy. I know for a fact I am not the only girl who feels amazing when they are all dolled up. For some reason if I am every down, unhappy, unmotivated, or having a bad day all I need to do is my makeup & hair, wear a bomb outfit and I fell #Fabulous (CAPITAL F!!!!!) Makeup to me is like a mask and I get into a "zone" and just feel great! Kinda sounds weird when I try explaining it but oh well!
SOOO when I first became super interested in improving my skills I turned to the internet...duh lol! I still remember watching  Carli Bybel's video on a smokey eye and being so intrigued! I then began searching and watching more and more ladies with more techniques, tricks, and amazing products! I was hooked!!! In between classes, before bed, early in the morning, in the car YOU NAME IT  I would always be on my Ipad watching YouTube tutorials! These ladies really helped me improve and perfect my makeup so it looked smooth & flawless. The one thing I learned from all of them is the most important thing every girl needs to know about makeup and thats the art of blending! I swear I didn't even know what blending was!!! Now I wouldn't be caught dead with a unblended smokey eye let alone any eye shadow look!
BTW now that I am pretty good at doing makeup I still watch these beauty guru's religiously because there are so many new techniques and tricks that they provide along with helpful makeup looks...not to mention product reviews. I also love all of their personalities! That being said lets get started!

Tiffany has more product reviews than tutorials nevertheless she is extremely helpful!

I love Michelle's inspirational videos...she is amazing!

Her makeup is to die for!!!!!!!

Most of you may know Jessie James from her new E! show "Eric & Jessie" and she is an amazing country singer but she also has this channel where she has posted I think 3 videos and she does not post very often but I just love her and her personality! I also like her videos b/c they are lengthy and detailed!

I hope you guys find these ladies as useful as I did & do!
Enjoy beauties! 

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-Love Greta! Mwah!