Friday, December 13, 2013

Latest Kiehls Haul!

Hey beauties my finals are finally over and I am on break for 2 weeks...yayy me!!! That means more blog posts...yayyy you! LOL

Ok on to the good stuff!

So last week I was at Nordstrom browsing around my favorite department (beauty DUH!) and I came across a set from Kiehls which included literally everything I had been meaning to buy! So naturally I bought it :)
FYI: This set includes all of their best selling products!
It comes with all the products below:

This is their #1 all over lotion which I have been using non-stop I do not know where it has been my whole life! I swear you will not regret this product it locks in hydration and feels so silky on the skin! It doesn't get greasy and messy like most lotions its AMAZING! Especially, for Winter time when our skin craves moisture and hydration!

This is their amazing hand cream for dry, parched hands! My mother has extremely dry hands (like so dry her hands eat up lotion within 5 minutes after application) and I asked her to try this because the lady at the counter raved about it so much! She tried it and is extremely fond of it because her hands stayed hydrated for the longest time, even after she washed her hands!!!!! This stuff is magic! She usually uses Shiseido's Advanced Essential Energy hand cream (pic listed below) and loves that NOW she uses both! Whatever's handy at the time lol!

Here is their facial moisturizer and since my Laura Mercier one is close to finishing this will be my next moisturizer! I'll keep you guys posted on this and the cleanser I promised to get back to you guys on!

This also came in the set and I don't really need this product because I am in my early 20's and don't have deep wrinkles or wrinkles in general. I'll probably give this to someone or toss it! 

This "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" was not in the set but I bought it because I had a little sample and when I tried it I really liked it! My Botanics Facial Oil (which I love) is almost finishing and this is going to replace it! I love facial oils especially since my skin is dry! I apply it after a clean face before bed!
This stuff is great I cannot wait to start using it again!

I'm sure you guys have noticed by now that almost all of my skin care products include Kiehls. I pretty much use only Kiehls because the brand has amazing quality and I see results with these products! I don't like experimenting with new facial products because it is my face we're dealing with. I like to use tried and trusted brands and once a blue moon will I purchase something that I have no clue about. I like to use a variety of masks and peels on face but thats about it. As far as moisturizer, cleaner, toner, and facial oils I prefer quality and I prefer for them to be one brand; thus, my conversion to all Kiehls products! I am very picky with certain products. I don't apply a lot of junk on my face and I make sure the stuff I do apply are of great quality; and this does not mean it has to be over the top expensive!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, till next time beauties!

-Love Greta! Mwah!