Friday, September 20, 2013

My Top Eye Shadow Palettes!!!!!

I love eyeshadow palettes and I feel that I can never have enough. I have every color I need and a million that I will never use (such as bright colors- green, yellow, etc-) simply because it's not my style however I always crave more shadows! When I am buying an eyeshadow palette (I rarely purchase shadows individually... unless I really love the color) I first look for colors I will use. I then look at the shadows pigments (whether for example a purple color actually looks purple on my eye or it take a million layers for me to get the purple color of the shadow). So based on my preferences below are my favorite palettes!

Let me start off my saying I LOVE ESTEE LAUDER COSMETICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell from the first picture I have many eyeshadow palettes from Estee Lauder! I am specifically showing you this palette because it has the most variation of colors...and mainly because the rest are either nearly empty or much older. What I love about Estee Lauder shadows in general are the colors and the their pigments...whatever you see in this palette that same color goes on your eye! These shadows also do no loose their composure when you dip your what exactly do I mean by this you ask? Some shadows become very loose after you dip your brush in (especially when you use circular motions) and these shadows do not do that!

 This palette is from Guerlain and I got this as a gift from a cousin in Moscow and I mainly use it when I am doing an evening look! I use it to do either a gold smokey eye or a silver smokey eye with the lightest color on my brow bone and on my tear ducts. I also love that 2 different shades of red lipstick come with it because you then have everything you would need for a complete look. The shadows have great pigments and composure, just like the Estee Lauder shadows.

This is my Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay which goes everywhere I go! I can take only this palette on vacation and survive because I have everything I would ever need (neutrals, shimmers, and darks). I have had this palette for a year now and use this the most out of all my other shadows and I am no where near emptying it out...why? Because a little goes a long way! The colors again are very pigmented and they come out exactly they way they look!

 This is one of my many Stila palettes...I love Stila Cosmetics!!! The only complaint I have about Stila shadows is that they are not very composed...when you dip your brush in the shadows they immediately become very loose (you can tell from the first row what I mean). Besides that the colors are beautiful!

These are my cherished Victorias Secret palettes, my neutrals on the right and my gorgeous spring colors on my left. I love VS makeup and these palettes are so useful (perfect for traveling) they have a gel liner at the bottom of both palettes and they even explain which colors go where at the top of the palette (not in the picture). Very useful for someone who doesn't really know how to apply eyeshadows, or for someone who is just beginning to wear makeup the instructions can be very helpful. These colors are pretty pigmented and gorgeous!!!!

Here is another Stila favorite that I purchased recently and have been obsessed ever since...I love all the colors and they have the same characteristics as all other Stila shadows!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

-Love Greta! Mwah!