Friday, September 20, 2013

Everything about Nails! !

I am one of those girls who always needs to have her nails matter what! I used to work as a receptionist at a nail salon in LA so I know a thing or two about nails! Let me begin by talking about what I know nails lol!
I began to wear acrylics at the age of 16 and I was obsessed with it..this obsession lasted about 3 years. When I was working at the nail salon I realized a lot of girls where really into gel because it lasted longer, it made your nails stronger, and it was on your natural nail. I began doing gel and I hated it because coming out of acrylics is HARD!!!!!!!!!!! Just plain HARD! Your nails are bumpy, ugly, and disgustingly thin! EWW! After months of growing out my nails they were still becoming to look a little normal however they were still thin (thin to the point where I could bend them backwards an forwards).   I decided to suck it up and continue to do gel while my nails grew. I would just keep my nails short, which did not bother me because I like short nails...they don't get in your way! During my days at the salon I would constantly want to change my nail color because I would fall in love with a new color everyday... and I literally had a new color every day. Thus, I began to use regular polish because it's so much easier to remove and apply... I learned how to apply polish from my own experience of examining the nail technician and just constantly watching them! This made it easier for me to apply my own polish at home!
When I quit the salon, because of school, I was still fixated on regular polishes (my polish collection pic is below) because I could change my color at home whenever I wanted. This got old quick lol! I didn't really have time to reapply polish every couple days just because my polish would chip off so I went back to gel!
I do my gel (or anything in regards to my nails) by Mary at NV Nails & Spa (the best nail technician in the North Hollywood area) and I recently decided to give my campus salon a try and I really liked Mylee (who does both my pedicure and gel manicures). Both ladies are fabulous and I wouldn't be caught going anywhere else but by them! I am very picky with my nails especially when it comes to  cutting cuticles...I need my cuticles cut a certain way and they both attend to my needs and do a magnificent job!

Here is my recent color done by Mary a couple days ago:

These are my natural nails and the color is a gel color from OPI called "Every Month is Oktoberfest". It is a burgandy color however under the sun it has a gorgeous shine!!!!

Here is my nail polish collection...there is much more scattered around the house, in purses, and in the car lol!

Even after almost 2 years of not having acrylic my nails are still thin and brittle and when I want to give my nails a break from gel or any kind of polish I use the transparent polish from OPI's Nail Envy collection in "Soft & Thin"...I cannot find mine so here is an internet picture below. This polish is a nail strengthener and it works!!!!!!!!!! You need to apply one coat every single day and after a week you need to remove the polish (NOT WITH PURE ACETONE..regular drugstore acetone) and begin the same process over again!

And here is a great example of how to apply polish on correctly! I'm sure YouTube will have some simple tutorials as well! 

I also have very dry cuticles so cuticle oil is a must and here is what I use: 
But you can use any cuticle oil brand that you like! I heard Burts Bees and Lush offer awesome cuticle oils as well!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or would like me to blog about something of your choice you can comment below or send me an email at

-Love Greta! Mwah!