Monday, September 16, 2013

Lip Plumper's, Lip Creams, Lip Sticks, & Lip Liners!

Starting with lip plumpers...let me start off by saying I'm obsessed with pouty Angelina Jolie lips and I support lip injections because if done correctly it can really enhance someones appearance HOWEVER  no one likes a duck face! Ladies less is sometimes more! Many of my girlfriends have lip injections and I absolutely love the way it looks and even though they already have enhanced lips that doesn't keep them away from lip plumpers lol! Lip plumpers are amazing and a great alternative to get a little pout without injections! I love lip plumpers that tingle but I know that most people do not prefer this and I do not really care if they are sticky or not (it does not bother me). SO lets get started:
 The one on the left is the Dior- Lip Maximizer and it is empty as you can see lol. I really like this one however I do not use it often my mother is obsessed with this and goes through bottles of it!!!! 

The next two are from a company called "City Lips" I heard about this company through a friend who has had various lip injections and says that nothing compares to this! If you go on their website ( it explains all the qualities to this somewhat permanent lip plumper. I bought these almost 2 years ago and have not fully followed through on the directions. You need to apply every night and every morning for a month I believe, and day by day it enhances your lips and makes them fuller...I always forgot to apply at nights so I just stopped using it... but I have heard wonderful things so if your serious about getting fuller lips give it a try but if your like me and only want it sometimes then I suggest Dior OR my all time favorite lip plumper EVER like in this whole wide world Victorias Secret Extreme Lip Plumper (I lost mine :(((( and need to replace it but honestly it's amazing) I would use it every single day!!!! 
I have also heard nothing but great things about Two Faced- Lip Injection (pic below) & Soap & Glory- Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump (pic below)...this plumper is supposed to be AMAZING and I plan to buy it and try it out sometime this week so stay tuned for a review on that!

 I found this picture on the internet about the City Lips plumper and what it does! I forgot to mention that I have these in the "Original" formula and the "Instant" formula! They barely tingle and it is not super sticky but the formula is thick & the shine on these is really flattering!
 This is the VS lip plumper I was raving about that I adore!!!! It doestingle and I remember it being a bit sticky (which I liked).
 Two Faced- Lip Injection
Soap & Glory- Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump

On to NYX Lip Creams:
I bought these from Urban Outfitters in a pack...I believe they only come in a pack of 3 (I have not seen it being sold individually) however I am not positive. I actually really like these lip creams and I plan to purchase more because they are very soft and easy to apply. But they are not matte and I've come to realize that anything NYX has that says "matte" is not true lol but it does not bother me because I like creamy more than matte.

Now on to my FAVORITE Lip sticks...literally lol:

I love Buxom and these lip sticks/lip liners are the bomb dot com!!!!! I don't even know how I have ONLY 3 because their colors and textures are sensational! They are a lip balm (for mositure), lip plumer (for a pout) , and  lipstick (for color). I do not usually use these as a lip liner, however you can, I use them as an everyday lip stick.  
 Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Sticks
 The colors (starting form the left) are: Nantucket, Sydney, Marrakech
They are in the same order as above with Nantucket being first!
Nantucket is a subtle peachy color
Sydney is a pinkish taupe 
Marrakech is a gorgeous nude

Finally, we arrive at lip liners! I always outline my lips and below are all my favorite liners!!!
From the top...they are in the same order as the first picture:

Italia: Natural Beige 743 
As you can see from the picture I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this lip girlfriend swears by this and uses it all over her lips sometimes and adds a touch of gloss afterwords. The only problem is that I have yet to find this product on any shelves in the US because this is from Armenia. My girlfriend has her aunt purchase a bunch of these from Armenia then send it here so I just stole this one from her lol. But I'm sure you can find it on Amazon or Ebay (I just haven't tried). I think someone once told me they do sell this brand in some Fashion Q stores but I haven't really payed attention. 

Victorias Secret: Spice it up
This liner has a cinnamon color to it and is perfect for nudes such as Myth from Mac and Honeylove from Mac (which I forgot to mention in my lipsticks post because it was in my moms makeup is another one of my all time favorite nudes).

NYX: Natural 810
This is the closest color I could find to mimic my Italia pencil however there is a slight difference between the two that is not so visible in the picture but I definitely notice the color difference lol. This is another great pencil with nudes (I also sometimes put  it all over my lips if I do not have lipstick with me or if I want a really matte neutral color on my lips)

Mac: Cherry
This is a regular red lip liner that goes perfect with my Ruby Woo from Mac

Make Up For Ever: Aqua Lip
This is a lip liner/lip stick and it goes perfect with purple lips sticks or on its own. I use it to do the "red ombre" lips sometimes. I also love that it is easy to apply and that it's waterproof...perfect for fall & winter! Sorry about the picture the tip of the pencil broke off so I just rubbed it all over my wrist lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

-Love Greta! Mwah!