Thursday, September 26, 2013

NEW GOODIES!!!!!!!!!!


Lets begin :)

This is my new Jheri Redding hair oil treatment! I used it once and am obsessed! You can use it on wet or dry hair! I prefer wet because I feel like it will make your hair look "super oily" if you use it dry...even if it says that it absorbs instantly! I applied to my wet hair last night and went to bed...when I woke up the next morning my hair was sooooooo soft and felt amazing! It did look a tad oily and I don't think this is avoidable in an oil product lol so use it when you are home (unless you don't care...whatever works for you). What I do love is that the oil is not overpowering and it gives your hair a beautiful shine! I also love the conditioner-like effect it has keeping my hair silky, smooth, and soft!

This H2O foot rub is seriously something every person should have (male & female)! I applied this on last night after a relaxing bath before bed and it seriously calmed my feet and gave it a subtle massage! The directions just say to massage it into your feet thoroughly and that is just what I did! If anyone has every used tiger balm it feel similar to almost numbs your feet in a pleasurable way and soothes it! I recommend this to everybody ESP working men and women who are on their feet all day, in heels, or just very active! My mother is a nurse so she is always running around and by the time she comes home and showers her energy and especially her feet are extremely tired so she swears by this product! 

This new product is a great scrub when you really want a deep cleaning! As always I applied this in the shower and just like my Kiehl's Body Polish (in my previous post: "My Kiehl's Favorites") it has little seed like things which are ground Peach Stone used for exfoliating! You are supposed to massage this into your skin with your fingertips, rinse it off, and moisturize! I decided to try this out with my Clarasonic because I don't feel that my fingers can do such a good job and it was a huge fail lol because those seeds just got stuck in between the bristles so I decided to buy a facial loofah/buff (pic below) to really exfoliate my skin and I loved it! I really felt like it exfoliated my skin well and it is definitely a favorite!

(love the finger handle on the back...very convenient)

I decided to try this product (Loreal Magic Lumi) after hearing great reviews and I have to say I am loving it! It highlights beautifully and the texture is creamy...which I think is important for me personally because I have dry skin and most concealers/ highlighters can really dry me out and look unflattering! This is a must have!

I bought these 2 mascaras with Fall in mind! The first on is the Colossal Volume Express by Maybelline and the color is "Scorching Brown" and I decided on this product because it was the only brown color everything else said black/brown...however the brown does not come through which I don't like because I love brown mascara however I do like that it is light and subtle versus my usual stricking black mascara!
The second mascara by Maybelline is from their limited edition collection and its called "So Very Berry" and I think this is specifically for Halloween! I got this color because I am really into the berry colors for fall and berry colors are very flattering on my eyes! This color (as you can see below) is not very berry like lol but it is subtle which I love! If you are looking for a pigmented colorful mascara I suggest Anastasia "Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint" 
 This is the "So Very Berry"
This is "Scorching Brown"

This is just a regular callus remover from Heel to Toe and I usually use a pumice stone (forgot the brand name) but I felt that I needed something stronger and this did just the job! I apply some of my Kiehl's body polish and massage it on my feet then I use the metal edge to remove any dead skin and once I finish that I use the black side to smooth out any rough ages! 

Hope you guys enjoyed!

-Love Greta! Mwah!