Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eye Liners (gel, liquid, and shadow)!

Before I could do a winged liner (which takes a lot of practice) I used to line my eyes up until my lashes finished with a black eye shadow and angled brush. Now that I am more skilled in drawing a wing I use gel liners...which I love! And up until about 2 weeks ago I hated liquid liners but I decided to give it a try and get used to it! So, I was shopping at Nordstroms and decided to buy the Stila "Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner" because when I tried it out on my hand I loved how the brush was firm yet gentle on my skin and how precise the line came out! Now that I have used it a couple times I don't know how I have lived without it...it makes lining my eyes so much easier because I don't have to dip every 5 seconds! Ok now on to my have must have eye lining products and some that I do not like!

Eye Shadow:
You can use any shadow color you want to line your eyes and any brush that you feel comfy with! I use a very thin angled brush (pic below...from internet) when I am using an eye shadow to line my eyes! I use a misting spray (such as Mac's Fix-Plus...and I know that NYX has one too) to spray my brush then I dip my brush into my chosen eye shadow and apply it to my eyes! I love using eye shadows because if you make a mistake or if your wings don't look similar you can easily clean up your mess with a q-tip and makeup remover!

Gel Liners:
This is my favorite way to apply eye liner to my eyes however it takes me the longest! When I was looking to purchase a gel liner I was advised to purchase the one from Bobby Brown because it was considered "the best" however since I wasn't familiar with gel liners I did not want to make that purchase...so I decided to try something similar which is the Loreal Infallible Laquer Liner. I also was informed by my makeup artist that gel liners dry up fast so Loreal seemed like the better option! The one thing I don't like about gel liners is that, unlike eye shadows, it is harder to clean up your mess because they dry so fast and if you try to fix your mess it takes away most of your gel if that makes sense. However, an alternative is to clean your mess with a concealer or correction pencil (which is what I use)!

This is the Loreal Infallible and I love these. I recently just purchased this brown color "espresso"  however, I have had the black too but it was beginning to dry up so I threw it away! These liners come with a brush...which I hate!!! I have tried using the brush and it just sucks in my opinion so I use  a Brandon #1805 Eyeliner Brush (picture below)! These liners last me a long time...I don't exactly know how long but I can estimate that I had my black one for almost a year! 

 This is a gel liner from Wet N' Wild that I bought after my Loreal one dried out and I HATE it!!!! I don't know how to explain it but it is too creamy and loose...if that makes sense. Whereas my Loreal has the perfect texture for a gel liner!

This is my Brandon #1805 Eyeiner brush that I purchased from Beauty Essentials (Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall 14006 Riverside Dr Sherman OaksCA 91423) and I don't know if you can see in the picture but it is an extremely thin brush and I love it for applying my gel liners...I need to go and get another one for my brown gel liner! My advice to anyone who uses any brush with gel liner is to clean the brush immediately after using it because once it dries it is harder to take off (I use my Neutrogena makeup wipes)!

Liquid Liners:
As I mentioned before I never used to like liquid liners up until I purchased my Stila one and about a week ago I decided to give the NYC liquid liners a try to because I realized most of my favorite makeup artists on Instagram use it!

I talked about this a little in my introduction and I said how I love the brush applicator! It is firm so it doesn't bend and get all over your eye like most liquid liners! The line that you get is very precise and the super pointy tip gives you the perfect wing! This is my #1 pick for a liquid liner!

I purchased this in a pearlized black color when I meant to purchase just black...however it looks black and barely has any shimmer! I didn't like this product too much because the brush makes a mess if you don't have a steady hand (which I don't always have...it takes me time to get a perfect wing) so, I use this when I want to do a more thick line!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

-Love Greta! Mwah!