Monday, September 23, 2013

You never have to break a sweat again!

Todays post is for all my ladies who sweat just as much as I do...regular deodorants are useless to me and almost all girls I know! I don't know if it's the formula in the deodorant or the quality but the good thing is I'm here to help! :)
These 2 anti-perspirant roll on deodorants are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one on the left (Dr. Nona) is perfect when you are preparing for a long day (wedding, party, event, etc...) or even everyday if you wish! All you have to do is shake the bottle, roll it on your armpits, and wait till it dries COMPLETELY! It must be dry in order for it to work!!!!!! This is an international product and I got mine in Armenia when I was visiting and I have it shipped here from a relative whenever I am all out! However, I did some searching and this product can be sold online as well...I found it on Amazon! You will not regret this literally do not sweat!!!!!

The second product I have (on the right) is from Clarins and this is an amazing product as well...not as strong as Dr. Nona but works enough to keep me from sweating excessively! You have to wait until this dries completely just like Dr. Nona's because if it doesn't you start to stick to yourself and your clothes. I usually use this as an everyday product and Dr. Nona for either a really long day or an event!

Both products are great and definitely worth a try because they work magic and keep you from sweating!

Enjoy ladies!

-Love Greta! Mwah!