Sunday, September 22, 2013

The one thing I can't live without...MASCARA!

Mascara is a powerful product without it our beautiful eyes wouldn't look the can completely transform your entire look! Sometimes all you really need is mascara! I can go on and on about the beauty of mascara but ill save you guys the time and get straight to my favorite products! I will not write what I like about the products because I love each and every product equally! And I know that depending on the applicator the results are somewhat different so I will say that the very small and thin brushes (telescopic, They're real, big fatty, etc.) mainly extend and separate your lashes and the bigger fatter brushes (scandaleyes, bad gal lash, etc.) are there to give a dramatic and voluminous look! And
I will list internet pictures of the products because they have a better picture of the applicator!

 Loreal- Telescopic

 Urban Decay- Big Fatty Mascara

 Benefit- Bad Gal Lash

 Benefit- They're Real! 

 Rimmel- Scandaleyes

 Stila- Glamorous Mascara

Maybelline- Great Lash- Lost Of Lashes


 Loreal- Voluminous

 Dior- Dior Show

Maybelline- Falsies

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Hope you enjoyed this post!

- Love Greta! Mwah!