Monday, September 30, 2013

Facial Sprays!

Here are my 2 favorite facial sprays:

My Caudalie Elixir is my prized possession this spray works magic for me lol...every time my foundation sees to dry out all I need is 2 sprays of this and I'm good! It moisturizes and refreshes my face completely! The purpose of this spray is to sooth your skin and tighten your pores and it is a toner/serum! Love love love this product... I have it with me everywhere I go!

My Evian Facial Spray is another one of my favorites because it moisturizes my skin and refreshes my face! I mainly use this before I moisturize my face, when I have nothing on my face and my face feels dry, and before or after I apply makeup. This is a must have for me as well because I love the refreshing feeling of facial sprays since I have dry skin and both of these products I restock on constantly!!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

-Love Greta! Mwah!