Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Haul! Sephora, Ulta, & Drugstore goodies!

Hi beauties, here are some of new favorites…

Both of these lipsticks are beautiful shades of nude and they are really creamy! I have hooked so many people on both colors…best nudes sold at drugstores!!!! 

This gloss is sooooo pigmented I really like it!!! I have not tried the other colors because none of the others appealed to me but this one is a nice nude! 
I don't pay attention to the amount of wear I get out of lip products (unless its a lip stain) because I always reapply anyways. My main focus is the color and texture of the product! 

The first color is Rimmel "Nude Delight"
The second color is Loreal "Fairest Nude"
The last color is Rimmel "Nude Eclipse" 

This is a more dark nude (yes I'm obsessed with nudes lol) that would be great for darker complexions. It came out to dark for my Ivory skin tone…but if I top it with a lighter lipgloss I can get away with it. 
The color is semi-creamy and it has peach undertones which really complements golden-dark skin tones! 

Ok these NYX Butter Glosses are my obsession in life!!!!!!
I got this set of 3 colors…starting from the left: "Apple Strudel", "Eclair", & "Cherry Pie"
I love all 3 colors & here is why. First, the color is buildable meaning if I apply one layer of gloss I get a sheer tint if I continue to pack the color on my lips (like I did in the swatches above) you will get a deeper more pigmented color…so it just depends on the intensity you choose (sheer-deep)!
Second, they are creamy…they feel just like butter!
Third, my favorite is Eclair and I have like 3 :)

One of my YouTube beauty gurus (Rosita Applebum) swears by this so I decided to try it out. It's the bomb! I'm not kidding I never believed a powder could actually be used instead of teasing (I hate teasing my hair mainly because it takes forever & I suck at it…but I love big teased hair lol) it honestly does volumize your hair.
The only con to this product would be the texture, I don't know why but it feels like fake snow to me. Besides that I feel like I have to wash my hair the day I use this because it feels like a tease…if that makes sense. I cannot go more than 2 days with a tease or this product in my hair I feel disgusted & dirty for some odd reason….maybe it's because my hair is in knots but thats just me. The texture is not so bad that I won't use the product (I use it all the time) but I just need to shower within 2 days. 

Ok so here is what I do:
1. I part my hair (as you would if you were going to tease it) 
2. Sprinkle a little of this in your parted roots
3. Continue to do this until you have all your parted areas done
4. I like to put my head down & flip my hair all the way towards my face (so you cannot see my face) and with my fingers I wiggle my hands in the areas I applied the powder
5. Flip your hair back to normal, part it, and enjoy your big volumized "Texas" hair 

I believe you can tease your hair & apply the powder as well for extra big hair but I have not tried that!

For anyone who doesn't have this RIGHT NOW go out and buy like 10! I am a facial spray freak and as my readers know I love and adore my Caudalie Beauty Elixir but this has replaced that…for the most part lol! I have my Caudalie spray in my purse but I have this spray everywhere in my house (bathroom, room, backpack…) I love this stuff! It is so refreshing to spray on (especially if you have dry skin, like me).
I also like to spray this on my face after I have applied my face makeup (foundation, congealer) and blend it out with my beauty blender. I learned this trick from one of my makeup artists!
I apply this at least 10-20 times through the day I love it!!

I recently bought this toner, the lady at the counter recommended it for dry skin, and I have no complaints! I use this after I have cleansed my face and I'm out of the shower. I put some on a cotton pad and apply it to my dry face. 
It has a thick creamy consistency but it absorbs into the skin immediately, very different from most liquid toners!
Once I have waited about1-2 minutes I go about applying my moisturizer!

It is specifically a rehydrating toner for dry skin…if you have normal skin or even combination skin this could also be of use to you…just ask your local beauty store experts!

OMG! This highlighter is my life! I have not put it down since I bought it. It is so sparkly and gorgeous I only get compliments when I wear this. I apply it to the highest point of my check bones and a little on the apples of my cheeks for a gorgeous glow/sparkle! 
It is not overly sparkly but it does show some shimmer. This product kicked my MAC "Soft & Gentle" out the way!
I also like to use it as an eyeshadow its absolutely stunning…worth every penny!

Finally, got my hands on this baby and just all the fuss about these pencils is legit…they are the bomb dot com! They are so creamyyyyyyyy they LITERALLY glide on…when I was swatching this I didn't need to use an ounce of force it's that creamy & pigmented! Since I have so many black eye pencils I wanted to get brown! 
I love this stuff… if your looking for a new eye pencil I would suggest this one!

I specifically bought this eyeshadow to do a Valentine's Day Makeup Pictorial for you guys (already up…it's my previous post) and I love the pigmentation & the color. I do not own any Sephora eye shadows (exempt this) and I must say they are pretty pigmented and easy to work with!

Another obsession! I love hand creams but I'm very picky! I only like creams that absorb into my skin instantly because I hate having greasy hands that I can't do anything with. This stuff absorbs fast and it moisturizes really well. It gives me silky smooth skin & smells freaking amazing!!!!!
It has a very thick consistency but blends beautifully into the skin!
Definitely a new fav!

Ok beauties that all for now…
I have bought so many more products in the past few weeks but I did not post them because I want some time experimenting with them. I know I usually post everything I buy and then say I will report back later but that never happens so to avoid that I will only post tried & tested products! 

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post & talk to you soon!

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-Love Greta! Mwah!