Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Product Review: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Hey beauties, welcome back! 
This weeks product review is on the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser:

I decided to purchase this because  it's supposed to remove makeup, dirt, and surface oils! I use my current cleanser (Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser) with my Clarisonic to get all the dirt and extra makeup off my face, the ones that my makeup remover towelette doesn't remove. However, the Kiehls cleanser does not remove makeup on it's own whereas this facial cleanser absolutely does. 
I can use this cleanser in lieu of a makeup remover towelette which is convenient because I hate rubbing on my face for an hour just to get mascara, eyeshadow, or even foundation off. It starts to hurt and makes my face red, which sucks for anyone with sensitive skin! 

As you can see from the picture this cleanser is like an "airy cream"(as mentioned on the packaging). It is very lightweight and has a whipped almost mousse like texture. 
The amount shown above is enough to remove all the makeup on my face!
I usually use this when I am in the shower and my face is already wet. I just take a little on my fingertips and gently massage it into my skin and eyes, keeping my eyes shut tight. I tried to see if this product is even allowed near your eyes and it didn't say anything on the packaging so I assume it is.
Once you have washed it away with water all your makeup is literally gone, its amazing and hassle free! I follow up with my Clarisonic if I feel like it!

This product is:
- Safe for sensitive skin
-Fragrance free

My overall opinion of this product is positive!!!!! I love that it's so easy to remove all my makeup at once (especially for those lazy days where you don't even want to wash your face), it's lightweight, and its safe for sensitive skin!

Below is Sephora's URL where you can purchase this product:

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