Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Loreal "Magic Lumi" Collection (Foundation, Concealer, & Primer)

Hey beauties I got a few requests to do a review on the Loreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer so I decided to do the rest of the items in the "Magic Lumi" collection. I have a few products thrown into this review from other makeup lines to either prove a point, compare the two, or show you my application process necessities. If I leave anything out please don't hesitate to comment below with your questions or email me :)

Lets get started:

I recently purchased the foundation because almost all of my beauty gurus have it and love why not?! And to be honest I couldn't find this shade (W 1-2) at a lot of locations and I stumbled upon it at Ulta a few weeks ago (seems to be a popular shade lol). The color is almost identical to my skin tone, which is a must for me, and it is very creamy & luminous. The creamy texture is my favorite part of the product because for my dry skin it does not latch onto dry patches (if I have any) and it goes on sooooo smoothly!!! 
Depending on the amount you use you can definitely achieve full-coverage which is convenient because if you use a small amount you get a tint and the more you use the more the color builds. It also does not cake up (another important quality). I would say you get a dewy finish out of this foundation because it is luminous and it also gives you a gorgeous glow!

P.S. I always where a primer under my foundation...I use the Illamasqua Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel (I have a separate review solely on this product (


As far as the primer I absolutely love it because I can mix it in with any foundation (pictures below) and it gives my dull foundations a luminous glow. It is also great to use on its own as a highlight because it doesn't really have color its more like shimmer because as you can see in my third picture above its still my skin tone color but with pearly shimmer...if that makes sense. 
I have also realized that the more you build  the product the more the color above I stacked up the color twice because one application wasn't really showing up. I also pat the color on my skin I don't swipe it on my face! 

You really need the smallest amount of this product because if you cake it on then you will have a awkward white shimmer! The amount above is perfect to mix in with foundation and to use alone as a highlighter (anywhere you normally highlight). 

The pictures above are to show you how extremely "glowy" your foundation will be if you add that much of the primer (btw that is one full pump of the would generally need 1/3 of that amount. As far as the foundation that is also 1 pump and I need about 3 pumps for a flawless medium-full coverage finish). 

I apply the foundation with this slanted buffing brush...I believe I got it off Ebay and it's great quality!
If you would like to know more about these brushes just comment below and I can go into detail about how and from who I bought it from.

This is the blended out look! As you can see its a gorgeous luminous glow!

If I ever want to use this foundation but I don't want such a dewy "wet" kind of look (or even such an intense glow) I use this powder. I apply it with my Estee Lauder brush above (it doesn't have a name I got it forever ago).
Funny story about this powder...I have had it for years and I recently rediscovered it in my makeup collection and decided to use it & I am obsessed I totally love how it mattifies this foundation (and all others) but doesn't take away from the luminosity (as you can see below). I also love that it doesn't accentuate my dry skin (including dry patches that I might have). 
The only con to this is that by the end of the day it starts to break apart and look really dry and ugly which is weird because it doesn't do that when I first apply it or a couple hours after applying. It happens if I have worn it for at least 7 hours and during that time I have not touched up. What I do when that happens is rehydrate my face with a facial spray or elixir such as my Caudalie Beauty Elixir or my Mario Badescu Facial Spray (which I will talk more about in my upcoming haul). 

As you can see even with the powder the foundation still has a little glow it just doesn't have a dewy look! 

Primer + Tarte Foundation:

So I tried the primer with a different (more yellow toned) foundation to see if it works well with other foundations and it definitely does! I did 1 pump of my Tarte foundation and about 1/3 of a pump of the primer and as you can see below it gives a beautiful glow to my dull yellow foundation, which by the way is about 2 shades darker than my skin tone. 

Here it is with the matte powder! I don't know if you can still see the glow in this picture but you definitely pick it up on your face.


As far as the concealer goes I do like it, I am almost out of it, but I wouldn't say that I would re-purchase it. I also have not used this product too much and I'm shocked to see that it is on the verge of finishing so I'm assuming there is very little product inside. 
The color itself has a hint of yellow and it has buildable coverage. It is a creamy product and it does have some luminosity to it, not too extreme though. The last picture above is only one application and the picture below is 2. 

If I want a brighter under eye I need to apply this product at least 2-3 times, because I am very pale! For someone who is a few shades darker the color is ideal but again you would need at least 2 application processes because one does not give you that much coverage (unless you don't need or want it). 


In comparison to my all time favorite concealer/highlighter the Maybelline Age Rewind it does not stand a chance! I prefer the Maybelline because the color is more opaque and I like the consistency & texture of that product more. It is thicker but it's also creamy! I also think its more flattering than the magic lumi. Overall, I would definitely repurchase the Maybelline concealer and prefer it over my Loreal. 

I hope this review helped and again if there are any additional questions I did not cover please comment below or email me!

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-Love Greta! Mwah!