Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekly Product Review: Dior Capture Totale One Essential

Hi beauties, sorry for the lack of posts I've had a busy few weeks with school & my personal life. If you follow me on Instagrm (@fortheloveofmakeupbaby) then you've probably heard me post about this product that I was excited to try because I had heard such great reviews and the lady at the Dior counter raved about it so much I even got the biggest size.

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! This has to be the single worst skin-care product on the face of this Earth. 

Let's start from what it claims to do:
"Capture totale deeply detoxifies, freeing the skin of all toxins and leaving behind a glowing complexion. It regenerates and intensely repairs, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin revitalized. It increases the effectiveness of your usual treatment’s active ingredients by up to four times. Skin is replenished with a new infusion of beauty: dark circles and dark spots are reduced, dullness is eliminated, and skin becomes luminous and radiant." (

It did absolutely none of the above!
You're supposed to apply it every morning and every night, which is what I did for about a week. It took about 2 full pumps to cover my whole face and it dried up fast. The texture was gel-like like most serums and very light.

Once I read the ingredients it hit me as to why this product failed so miserably. First off, there is alcohol in there and LOTS of it which is detrimental to skin (especially dry skin) because it dries it out even more and that is exactly what happened. I wish I took a picture of how horrible my skin was peeling, as if I had a sun burn…yes that bad! Think of it as having to exfoliate your dead skin every single day, it was that bad. The alcohol also gives the product its airy weightless texture and helps it penetrate easily and deeper into the skin. 

Second, there is a lot of fragrance in it which irritated and inflamed my skin causing minor breakouts here and there. It not only gave me planet-like blemishes it also gave little irritation bumps. 

Overall, I absolutely hated this product and would not recommend it to anyone with dry skin. Oily and acne prone skin might benefit from this because of all the alcohol but sensitive and dry skin ladies STAY AWAY! 

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this review & talk to you soon!
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-Love Greta! Mwah!